@strandlines RDR2 is fantastic. I don’t play many games but this one left a huge impression on me. It’s worth buying the PS4 just to play.

@jack I'm liking it more every day. That Roam Highlighter extension works brilliantly with it as well.

@odd I've started a Kurosawa binge.

@adamprocter There's a story on the BBC News site saying infections are rising again. I'm still under stricter advice in Scotland but I'm happy to stay put for a while.

@kaa I just checked and there is a Linux version too.

@kaa It's an an app like Drafts that you write notes in and save to a "vault" or folder. I think it's multi-platform because my mac version is a not very mac-like but there's a long way to go. It has potential to be very good.

@kaa Have you seen obsidian.md yet? I got into this beta. It's an note app that lets you write markdown notes and connect them with links and backlinks. Everything stays on your computer. It's still quite basic and needs a lot more work but the important functionality is all there.

@JohnPhilpin It's something you really have to try yourself to get the feel of but the beta is locked down rigt now.

@jack I agree with pretty much all of this. I’ve been trying competitors and none really come close although I think TiddlyWiki is beautifully simple and almost perfect. Maybe after a month or two more of using Roam $15 will seem worth paying.

@kaa I know what you mean. He seems very arrogant needs to learn a bit of humility.

@jack @kaa I got an account about six weeks ago but didn't really see what the fuss was about. Tried it again a few days ago and it just clicked with me. $15/month is too much but reading between the lines I think there will be other options. They need to hire a good PR person though :)

@hutaffe Wow. That's a great update. It's one of my favourite apps.

@odd I have Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg in one of those editions. They are tiny.

@JohnPhilpin I’m not really interested in yet another “guys talking about Macs” podcast but I’m intrigued about how it will thrive. He’s popular so I guess it will do very well.

@adamprocter Thanks for that. I was going to try and do it myself.

@jack I'm trying the Readwise app and the OCR function works excellently. It seems like a very expensive service but I think I'm going to pay up after my extended trial ends.

@cm Be careful. You might get stuck down there.

@jack The server status button is doing that if you hold it down and let go. My mistake. It's a quick and easy way to get an html snapshot for uploading.

@c Thanks. I've been playing around with it tonight. I guess it's just a matter of not adding stuff that you wouldn't add on any other public platform.

@jack The button has disappeared again. Very frustrating. There's a button in tools marked "save all" that will let you save an html snapshot if you hold it down. It seems to come and go. I'll try that Timimi plugin.

@jack Thanks. Just tried it that way and it seems to be working. It doesn't seem obvious at first. I've noticed some small differences between Firefox and Safari. I can't get the "save changes" button to appear in FF. It was a great relief to find out what it could do in Safari.

@jack @c I've started another one that I'm thinking of putting online. Have you any info about how to make it read only? I don't like the idea of it being out there for anyone to edit.

@strengthentheverbs It's very good but there is no real danger involved. 🙂

@cn and I've just read your reply to my... that's enough of that :)

@psztrnk Beautiful view. Where is that?