Here’s a song for Sunday. Beloved by Firefly Burning 🎵

December is going to be marred in the UK due to one of the most horrible election campaigns in living memory. I’ll be voting, of course, but music and carousing are going to be very important to keep the spirits up.

It’s coming to the end of Microblogvember. I still have the extra six days to complete due to my late start though. I’ve really enjoyed doing it and plan to integrate it into every day and month going forward. Many thanks to @macgenie for the daily inspiration.

Catching up on some podcasts. If it wasn’t for Andy Ihnatko’s good sense I don’t think I could ever listen to Macbreak Weekly again. He brings a welcome balance to proceedings.

“Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away”

A highlight of the recent Marillion shows.… 🎵

The history of Monopoly, the property trading game, is much more interesting than the game itself. This is the sort of thing you learn while idly clicking through Wikipedia.

The British political system is antiquated and needs reform but I’m very happy that no mega rich person can decide to run for prime minister just because they feel like it.

I paid for a discounted subscription to Inoreader but I’m already regretting the decision. I much prefer the simplicity of Feedbin. It’s good to mix things up now and again but it didn’t work out this time.

A long-standing printer problem was fixed today. I’m still secure in my role as home IT champion.

I’m sure someone famous said it better but I think the world would be a lot nicer if people enjoyed their own company a wee bit more.

📚 The Lark Ascending - The Music Of The British Landscape by Richard King. Enjoying this. There’s some good stuff about the “blood and soil” type fascists that tried to organise in Britain between the Wars. I’m always suspicious of those that talk about an idyllic pastoral past.

Book. The Lark Ascending - The Music Of The British Landscape by Richard King.

I’ll be the one with the woebegone look if I can’t find a way to fit woebegone into a post. It’s an archaic word and probably sits better within the confines of a poem rather than everyday speech. The sort of word that sits alongside “methinks”.

You don’t notice the background hum of household appliances until it’s no longer there. There was a short power cut in the morning recently and the sudden silence just about jolted me awake.

It’s getting to the time of the year when I start thinking how nice hibernation could be. Like finding a warmish hollow somewhere and staying there till March. I can dream.

I used to be in a pub quiz team that continually came in second place. We changed our team name to The Runners Up and started winning. “And tonight’s winners are…”

I think there are perfectly rational reasons for wanting to avoid all news media but it’s important not to let your concern with the bigger world abate. There should be some kind of balance. #mbnov

I’ve managed to build up quite a bit of annual leave so guess who has nearly all of December absolutely free. I like to keep a lot of days free for this period because the weather usually takes a bad turn and I’m lucky to be in a position where I can take them all at once.

Microblogvember has been a superb lure to get me posting everyday to my microblog. Whether the posts are worth reading or not is up to somebody else but I’m really enjoying it anyway. It’s starting to feel like a real habit.

A 2-1 win for Scotland today against Cyprus. It wasn’t very convincing but a win is a win and they can’t really fall much lower. ⚽️

I’d describe myself as selective when it comes to using my time but I also recognise that being selective can be an underlying excuse for doing nothing at all. The older I get the more I see this in myself.

It would have been be easy to talk about how murky social media has become but instead I’m going to raise a glass to Murky, the young murloc, that appears in World of Warcraft. /mbnov

Currently reading: These Are My Rivers: New and Selected Poems 1955-1993 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti 📚

Two big issues have so distorted all of politics in the UK, and specifically Scotland, that I rarely stick my neck out and make any comment. There is no room for nuance or doubt anymore. Defend people that need defending and vote accordingly is all I feel I can do.

I’m not able to stand for long periods of time in one place anymore so it’s really nice to see a favourite band in a nice theatre with nice comfy seats. The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow is one of my favourite venues to go and hear live music.

Fantastic Marillion show in Glasgow tonight. Seasons End, their climate change song written in 1989, was spine-tingling with the addition of live strings and brass.