Reports coming in that Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) has died. I haven’t seen any confirmation yet but very sad if true. 🎶

I don’t expect the streaming Criterion Channel to come to the UK anytime soon but I’ve noticed, while using a VPN, you can sign up with a UK credit card. Maybe worth a shot.

Re-uploading a lot of old photos to Flickr. This is one of my favourite bits of public sculpture in Glasgow.

I’ve given the Apple HomePod enough time to get better. Back to Sonos with its built in support for Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Tunein, Pocket Casts, Soundcloud… 🎶

I just noticed that web pages on mobile Safari can be “handed off” to Firefox on the mac desktop. I find this quite surprising.

I’m trying to put a link at the top of the Marfa theme to a category. The new category links on the archive page have the address ”/categories/topic”. If I try and save a page with that link the ”/categories” part is stripped out making the url fail. Am I going about this the right way?

edit (2-2-2019): I was going about it the wrong way. All you need to do is add the full url as the contents of the page.

I watched the Fyre Festival thing on Netflix. It’s a fairly dull documentary about a bunch of horrible people. The only time I felt anything was when that poor woman who ran the restaurant on the island talked about losing her life savings which were probably a fraction of what those idiots payed to get there.

I’m really enjoying messing around with TiddlyWiki. Currently transferring in my saved Kindle quotes from Evernote.

This has been the mildest Scottish winter for a long time. There hasn’t been any lowland snow and I could count the number of frosty mornings on one hand. Central Europe is getting it bad so I hope the winds continue to be westerly.

I’ve grown to really love Mixcloud. It’s not just about DJs and dance music. You’ll find something there no matter what your taste in music is. 🎵