I ordered a keyboard from Amazon UK today and was asked at the order page if I wanted to conceal what was in the package. It’s maybe not the best of keyboards but nothing to be embarrassed about.

I got some cartridges for my slightly battered Lamy Al-Star fountain pen. Planning to use it a lot this year.

🎧 The Tower by Motorpsycho is a phenomenal album. I want to go and buy everything they’ve ever recorded now.

One of the nice little bonuses of Amazon Prime is having every season of Seinfeld at the touch of a button. I still love it but wonder how today’s audiences would take it.

I tried to hold off but I’ve just ordered an iPhone X. The O2 Recycle price on my 7 meant I could pay off the contract and get a 64GB space grey version. The larger memory models were out of stock and not due in for weeks but I can get by on 64GB. Should be here tomorrrow.